Employee(s) of the month or “Team of the Quarter”

The team leading AVID’s renewable journey !!!

Behind the Solar Team – Peter Valega, Harold Go, Danny Wee & Thulasi Krishnankutty – for “Commitment to Our Goals” Values, the team put in huge effort and hours to achieve the client schedule & deadline whilst battling to overcome a lot of technical challenges and (illness a few came down with the flu but kept pushing on but Tram, GM – Engineering made sure any nasty virus stayed away from our dream team).

The team efforts have not gone unnoticed, and this is a good example that demonstrates “Commitment to Our Goals” Values.

On another successful delivery celebration, Project Manager – Peter Valega giving special acknowledgement to his team commented,  “Just wanted to give a tonne of kudos to the BTM Solar team for all their effort on the concept deign report – Thulasi for picking up a new skill doing Heliscope design (and with the amount of options she assessed she must be pro by now); Danny for this amazing understanding and manipulation of the data for making it simple to review complex options, and his work on managing the technical details; and Harold for his design, guidance, expertise and many fun stories on the site visits. Everyone has pulled together a lot of hard work, and this should put us in a good position for our next renewables and solar project”.

Well Done Team for another successful project delivery and living the AVID values.